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Custom made furniture-design, locally and sustainably produced in Amsterdam.

Our company stands for unique and durable furniture pieces

Contact us by phone or mail to talk about your next piece of furniture.

About our process:

You are dreaming about a certain Interior, but don't know how to realize it?

We are taking over your projects from the design until the installation.

Producing unique furniture to your needs and imaginations, seeking for you to use and love it as long as possible.

We put all our passion, knowledge, and skills into our work, to create a sustainable and durable piece of your environment.

While using modern machines to achieve a reasonable time and price, we still work with traditional joinery for on-sight as well as hidden elements.

Our service is not just the design and production of your next table or cabinet. It is to make you happy and to make you feel at home, your new piece of furniture is just our tool to achieve that.


Since 2019 we offer our services in Amsterdam, focusing on the needs of the city.

After half a year of smaller maintaining and repairing jobs with a bakfiets full of tools, more and more Amsterdamers were asking for our advice, creativity, and skills.

We got appreciated for our flexible timing, taking responsibility, and the quality we delivered.

Therefore, we were able to grow and develop our own interior production, including craftsmanship, local supplies, and transparent relations with our clients.


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ain't Art Meubelmakerij

ain't Art Meubelmakerij

Ruysdaelstraat 38 1071 XD Amsterdam
+31 6 18148438 Klik om te bellen